Sunday, March 17, 2013


Every night I think about my poor poor blog I have abandoned. Please forgive all the grammatical errors I am about to commit because it's way past my bed time, but I just wanted to write tonight. Well... I'm married! My wedding was just absolutely perfect. I knew there were so many little things around that Satan tried to use to distract from my sealing, but it just made things so much there :p First off, it rained and rained on the way to the temple, then we had to wait an extra 40 mins for our sealing... but the rain stopped as soon as we walked out and we got to wait in the celestial room. See? Perfect-perfect. It was a dream come true <3 Married life is wonderful. I love Garin, he's my best friend and sharing my life with him is just amazing. I love all our random conversations, like we start out making odd faces/weird noises at each other, then next thing I know we are sharing scriptures, or getting into political discussions. I love that we are making our tiny apartment a home together, and how he just lets me get all excited over the small things we do for it. I love how nerdy he is, and how he lets me indulge in my nerdiness. I know this sounds insane, but I love figuring each other out... like what makes us upset and how we fix it... just how we feel comfortable settling disagreements. I also love our trials, I can see how we could let them bring us together or tear us apart and just how careful we need to be with how we handle them. Marriage is both scary and wonderful. It's also made me have a new found appreciation for my mommy. I'm so grateful that she taught me to cook and clean and gave me all the little tricks to make it easier. I feel HORRIBLE that as a teenager and I did these things so grudgingly, and I just want to beg her forgiveness for all the eye rolls, teeth sucking, and the feminist wanna-be-attitude I gave her when she had me do these things. It also just hit me how hard it must have been for her as a single mother with two young children to get to the temple (an hour away). Life was hard for her, and she pushed through and stayed faithful. She's just amazing. (Last dress fitting, yes she was crying) Life is good, well, way more than good. I feel so blessed.

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