Friday, July 5, 2013

All The Things I Haven't Shared About My Summer

Okay so I'm so far behind in bragging about how awesome life is.... sorry.
First one of my favorite people EVER got married last month. It was such a beautiful sealing and she looked just stunning.

Then there was an amazing visit to the Jensen's house in which I got these super adorable pictures (and pigged out on good food.)

Then there was Garin's Birthday... in which he was spoiled properly. I finally mastered my absolute best dairy free pancakes and... I successfully poached eggs... so I feel like a champ and like I'm on my way to being a dairy free master chef. He ALSO got world's best dairy free basically I was cooking all day for him ;).

Being the poor newly weds that we are, I thought it would be best to get him a ton of small stuff so he could have tons to open :). 
Also, I feel so happy that I now have officially been a band geek in three different states and I've been having a blast being a part of the city band here.

Well that's it for now, ahaha this was a pretty lazy post but... meh! 

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  1. One picture says a thousand words. We are brought up to speed and you can give yourself a break.