Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Are Daughters of God.

So I guess I'm just pissy, or I just have been spending way too much time on facebook but, I've been noticing a trend of "Dear girls did you know that when you wear _________ you look stupid and it's immodest and it gives people dirty thoughts" as statuses. And quite frankly, I think it's super offensive.
While I do believe that modesty is very important, this approach of declaring one's beliefs is just disgusting. I've also noticed that the majority of the statuses are posted by men, and while it's fine to have an opinion on women's fashion and modesty choices,  I think we all must remember, as women, we are divine daughters of a king. We have our agency and if we choose to wear something, our Father in Heaven will still love us no matter how modest or immodest. And while others thoughts may be in control or out of control, it is still her God given right to exercise her agency.  I mean if it's not tank tops it will be leggings, or low cut shirt, or tight jeans. The female form will always be there. And think of the poor girl who happen to be wearing that outfit that has just been bashed by her friends in a public form. Is that really the way you would want her to feel in order to make your point? Doesn't she deserve to feel like the princess she is?
I do want to encourage women to be modest, but not because some man will have an issue with your body, but because we are all beautiful and we should give our beautiful bodies the respect they deserve. Show your love for the gift Heavenly Father has given you by dressing modestly, and seek only His definition on what that should be. When you choose to do this, I promise you it will make you not only feel comfortable with yourself, you will look and feel amazing.

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