Sunday, June 23, 2013


So I'm living in Twin Falls with my my in laws and before people start freaking out, we are very close and it hasn't been weird at all. I guess the only tough thing I'm really struggling with is that I have been really hard on myself while I've been here. Not sure why, I just have.
I have been LOVING the piano lessons I've been teaching and Garin got to teach a district wide drum camp and guess who got to be the "special guest artist"... THIS GIRL! ahah I'm not sure why he referred to me that way... but I LOVED every second of helping out and of giving mallet presentations.
We did end that crazy drum week with a quick trip to Logan and I think it was a really good way to de-stress. We felt like newlyweds again! YAY! We made an appearance at a reception had a lovely date night,... slept...ALOT. It was amazing!
OH and for those of you who have ever been in my car... we got the ticking fixed... and strangely enough... I really miss it :'(

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  1. You might miss the ticking... but I don't! It drove me CRAZY!!! Or at least crazier... ;)