Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lame New Year Resolutions.

I know that this list will grow and grow but I thought I should start this now lol
#1. My most important one, to learn more about, and to grow in the gospel. Live everyday righteously. Sub-goals- read my scriptures every night no excuses(!!!),bear my testimony as often as possible in different ways, better fulfill the duties of my calling, and share the gospel with as many people as possible. I also need to relax and let the the Lord take care of not whine and complain and lose sleep over things that are not in my control.
#2. To be good ol' me no matter what anyone thinks. I have realized that I let other peoples opinions, thoughts and little comments effect what I do (read last post). I won't care if people don't like how I do my hair, how I dress, how I look in general, how silly I am, how spiritual I am, what I study, what I watch, what I listen to,if I wait, if I don't wait...ect. I will pray about every decision I make and just shut my ears to everyone else. I will not allow people to belittle me. However I need to realize people will always talk and I will just have to learn how to get over it.
#3. Practice more. This semester I got a bit lazy and it showed. I will use my spare time to practice, practice, practice. I will always be drumming.
#4. Stay in contact with my CA buddies. I came home to Socal and found out so much happened while I was gone! Why didn't I txt these people?! An email?! A few friends really needed someone and I wasn't there and having the technology to be able to connect I have no excuse.
Well thats all I got for now... they're kinda lame...but I feel like if I do these 4 things this year I will grow a ton and other things will get better =)


  1. I don't think these are lame at all! Especially #2. ;) Love ya, girl!

  2. Oh thanks Katie it means alot! I love you too!