Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Lesson

Random story of the night that got me rambling and over-thinking....
So tonight Garin and I locked our keys in our car after band practice. And... at first it seemed to really piss us off. I was mad he left the keys in, which really frustrated him more that he already was. Well eventually, we just started laughing. His parents came to help us out, we called a lock smith, and continued to laugh. There wasn't anything else we could do. Any wire hangers or tools to ghetto jimmy the door open would be in my car...which we can't get into, it's 10pm, we're tired and thirsty... so we just laughed. I even asked him at one point "is it funny yet?" and it hit me, there is no point in getting angry with one another.
And of course I'm not an expert with my 6 month of marriage but I felt like it really testified to me how important it is to be Christ-like with your spouse. It got me thinking tonight on how it's things like this that start to crack a family. Small things that just boil over, and lead to more and more anger and bitterness.
I hope I can continue to strive to be a patient person, and that I can work on laughing at myself more and not to be easily angered. <3 nbsp="">

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