Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Temples, Temples, Temples.

So this past Saturday I got to go with the relief sisters in the Palmdale Stake to the LA temple to do baptisms. It was THE BEST experience I have EVER had attending the temple so far. First the temple president and his wife spoke to us in one of the chapels. He said something that will stick with me forever. Each time we attend the temple, we diminish the powers of Satan (wow). Then he told us the linking squares around the temple symbolized the linking of families through sealing. There are squares going up and down representing family units like parents being sealed to children and squares going side ways representing cousins, aunts, ect. I have to be honest, I always wondered why the temple had squares and now that I know I LOVE the LA temple even more. It was also testified to me during this trip just how vital temple work is. My mom did the baptism for her cousin, someone she loved dearly who died of cancer without having the chance to embrace the gospel in her life. My mom confessed to me she had been dreaming about her for a very long time, and I could see in her eyes how important this was for her. I can't imagine what her cousin felt on the other side, if they were close on earth...I bet they will be even closer in the next life.

Well yesterday my mom and I talked about the dedication of the San Salvador temple in August and it really got me thinking. People in El Salvador used to have to WALK to Guatemala to attend the temple and how much they wanted this temple. I won't lie...when it really hit me I sobbed. I don't personally know anyone in El Salvador, let alone a member of the church, yet some how I feel so connected to that temple. It was really a shock for me to find out its located in the city where my grandparents were raised and my mother was born. I feel so grateful to my grandparents for coming to this country giving my mother the opportunity to receive the gospel. I'm just so excited for the members in El Salvador. I just want to jump for joy =)

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