Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wise Mothers of the World.

I had the most incredible conversation with my mother tonight. We talked about EVERYTHING! She gave me wise random advice that I just needed to share.
#1. "if you are taking the time to judge people, you are taking away the time you could be loving them." How true is this? Sometimes we look at people and automatically think whats wrong with them or how terrible they are living their lives...but aren't they are brothers or sisters? They are entitled to our love and maybe thats what they are seeking and don't know how to express.
#2. "We don't live our lives to please other people, we live our lives to conform with the prophets have asked us to do and to show our gratitude to our Father in Heaven and no matter what anyone says it's worth it. We may not see blessing right away, oh but they will come and they will be pouring."
#3. This is for all my MG's out there =) "Sometimes missionaries don't write and it's not out of a lack of fact they don't write because their hearts are too full of love, love for the gospel. They are just so full of the spirit and immersed in the work they lose track of the world. But isn't that what every girl wants in a husband? Someone who is going to put Heavenly Father above all else? Don't let anyone tell you Kris doesn't love you. They don't know anything."
I guess alot of waiter haters got under my mom's skin lol. But she had an excellent point. She told me to keep praying for Kris because he needs it and Heavenly Father will guide him to be the best missionary possible. Follow promptings of the spirit and to rejoice to an empty mailbox because it must mean someone is receiving the gospel.

I LOVE my mom. I wasn't feeling down but that really gave me a spirit boost. She's so incredible. I miss sitting on the couch with her and talking for hours about life...but it seems like her words reach me here too.
I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Now go on, go give your mother a hug and thank her for your life. Give her a call and tell her how she inspires you. Send her a card and tell her she's loved. <3

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  1. Thank you for this lovely post! I needed it! :D