Sunday, March 14, 2010

All Flowers and Rainbows.

So after the storm comes the rainbow. All the chaos (minus Koji) just resolved itself. I knew that if I stood my ground the Lord would bless me. It has been so amazing that I could feel the lowest I have ever felt to feeling like this is the best time of my life( because it is!! ). I thought since I was so happy I would share some of my awesome moments of the week.
Awesome Experience #1.
My friend Rachel and I crashed a best selling author, Kaleb Nation's baptism. Weird? yes. Glad I did it? Yes. I really could see the joy in his eyes and the excitement for his new life to come. I don't think anyone could have ever been happier to get baptized. I had the chance to say hello before I left, and the best moment of my introduction was when he cut me off to say he thought Rachel was his stalker from Texas. He was really freaked she found him through the church!!
Awesome Experience #2.
The same night of the baptism I had to privileged to hear Elder Neil L. Anderson, of the quorum of the 12, speak to the YSA'S. He said he had nothing prepared, but wanted to speak through inspiration. I swear from the moment he walked into the room the spirit was so incredibly strong. I felt as if my belly was on fire and I just wanted to burst into tears! Well he told some inspiring stories of people's faith in God, but his main topic was how much our Heavenly Father truly loves us. We are all loved equally, no matter where we are in life. After it was over I looked to Rachel and told her I was going to meet him...she was a little weirded out by that, but I ran up to him and looked him in the eyes and shook his hand. I know he is a man of God and the fact I got to meet one of Heavenly Father's most influential representatives was one of the best moments of my life.
Awesome Experience #3.
I visited Kris's grandpa this week yeah, yeah, maybe not so exciting to read about, but it did us some good. I shared with him some basics of what missionary work really is, and what Kris is up to. I know he loves him and supports him and I don't know where the rest of Kris's family stands on the subject of the church right now, but he is tolerant and he wants to understand. He really is the sweetest man I have ever meet in my life. He reminds me ALOT of Kris. It gave me a MG boost, and hey, us MGs take all the little boosts we can get.
Awesome Experience #4
Today in Sunday School we got on the topic of things that are worth waiting for. Sister Clark totally put me on the spot... in a good way. She mentioned Kris's conversion story and how brave is to lose everything to serve the Lord. Then she went on the praise me for standing by his side through that, PLUS being his support while he serves. She told me he will be so blessed for what he is doing, and I will be just as blessed for what I am doing. She told me when he comes home I will know he was worth waiting for. We must always look at the bigger picture. I could get with another better looking guy( not that Kris's isn't a hottie hehehe) who may not be as spiritual as Kris, or I can do what I am being inspired to do and wait for Kris (who in my eyes is a spiritual giant). I told the class of all the goals I have for myself and that I'm NOT passively waiting. I am working HARD to grow a ton while he is gone. And I totally understand when girls don't wait. By no means is waiting for everyone... not at all, but if you are inspired to do so, DO IT! I must admit that Sister Clark further increased my MG fuel. =)

I feel so blessed to have had the trials I did. YES I feel so grateful that I went through all that. I know what I can handle now, and I'm strengthened by that. I'm so happy that after the storm I have been rewarded with these awesome little moments. I have no words to express how happy I am right now. I LOVE LIFE.

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