Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Too Cute.

So I gave a talk on Sunday and I wrote out Garin and I's story... and I'm a total sap... and I thought it was too cute not to share with the world :)

Well we met back in 2010 during drum camp for the Aggie Marching Band.(BAND LOVE!) I though he was kinda nerdy and maybe a little weird. Turns out he's super nerdy and REALLY weird but it's okay because I'm just as nerdy and weird. We didn't really talk very much at first but as the school year went on it became him picking on me because I'm not an affectionate person which meant to him that he should attack me with very painful hugs. Then we had all these awkward inside jokes about ferocious make-outs.

The following school year all these jokes became more intense flirting and all those affection attacks became pokes at other people like “Hey look I'll give Garin an epic flying hug but I won't hug you”
I was going on dates with other people and my roommates always vocalized their displeasure with these young men and one of my roommates kept telling me just to stop fighting and date Garin in which I would respond that I didn't even like him like that.

Well December 2011 I logged on to facebook and I saw that he had put on what I thought was a joke of “win a date with Garin!” contest. In which the winner got to go see the Muppet's and go eat pupusas at the Salvadorean restaurant. Well I commented that it was the food of my people, shut my computer went to class and didn't think about it. When I got out of class I had a voice-mail telling me I had won. I scrambled because I didn't know whether to tell him I actually couldn't go, or to beg for work off. I got work off... best decision of my life. We went on this date and it was actually the best date I ever went on. I'm not sure why on that day something just clicked. And I just kept thinking to myself why were weren't dating. At by the end of the night we were cuddling on my couch and I got the smooth smooth line of “secretly you're loving this”... and I was.
We then spent the whole Christmas break texting, facebook messaging and I was soooo excited to get back to Logan. A few weeks into the semester we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend...and the next day I met his family. 6 months later we were engaged and December 29, 2012 after that we were sealed in the Los Angles Temple and here we are. He is my everything, sometimes I feel like he can read my mind. We just sync together so well. Oh and he is the smartest person I know...want to know any random fact about any topic? Just ask him, he knows everything. We are by far the weirdest geekiest couple you will ever met, and you'll know after spending 5 minutes with us. I mean we had Star Wars themed engagements and high five each other for every victory.

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