Saturday, August 14, 2010

I love hymns

D&C 25:12. =) My favorite scripture. I feel so in tune with the spirit when I sing, listen, or play hymns. Let me clarify, hymns that have been chosen in this day and set aside in our wonderful little green hymn books. I don't think just because a song speaks of religious topics it's really calling upon the spirit. Idk that's just me.
I LOVE our hymns and I get really inspired by the words and I feel blessed that our loving Father in Heaven has given me the skills to be able to worship him through music. I think even those who can't play an instrument or don't have the best voice should crack open that hymn book at home and offer that form of prayer.

It's also really funny some of the memories I have attached to some hymns.
How Great Thou Art really reminds me of my UK trip. I remember staring out to the green fields and just being in awe in the beauty of this earth and to think it was created for us to enjoy. The sunsets, the mountains, the plants, the flowers, the trees, the animals, ect. It's all so beautiful.

Come, Come ye Saints reminds me of going to the temple. I was having a really hard time a few months ago and I thought I was just never gonna overcome it. I took two wonderful temple trips with my bff Ian and we played it the car. I will never forget right when we started talking about my troubles...he started to hum along with it. I meant so much to me. Oh man I'm tearing up thinking about it.

I Stand All Amazed reminds me of moving out of the house for the first time. I remember I sat down in sacrament meeting for the first time in USU 42 ward and I thought about how now I am truly responsible for myself and no one will bail me out when I make a mistake, but through the atonement of Jesus Christ, I can repent and keep my life on track.

I Know My Redeemer Lives <3 my go to hymn. I say that because whenever I'm unsure of something, or scared or feeling lonely it just starts to play in my head. I just love it, the words reminds me that Jesus Christ lives without a single doubt and he is our Savior.

I love Joseph Smith's First Prayer and Praise to The Man because I feel like the spirit telling me that man was a true prophet of God and the gospel has been restored.

Oh man before I go through the whole hymn book I should just stop here. But Hymns are so beautiful. I suggest The Called to Serve album the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has. It's awesome. =) Go now, go sing.,17631,8763-1,00.html

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